Harnick Kang & Innovative Technological Trends for Sporting Events

Technological advancement has become fundamental to an enhanced game-day experience, from increased security protocols to revolutionised ticketing, the world of sports is dramatically changing.

Harnick Kang
Jun 6, 2018 · 3 min read
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Harnick Kang — by 2019 alf of all tickets sold for sporting events will be purchased through a mobile platform.

With online ticket revenue growing exponentially, entertainment venues have begun to optimize for mobile patrons to ensure a seamless interactive experience. With a multitude of online incentives, it is estimated that by 2019, approximately half of all tickets sold for sporting events will be purchased through a mobile platform. Utilizing this technology enhances user-experience and encourages dedicated fans to show their support by attending the event. Harnick Kang (Harnek) a property developer currently residing in Sheffield, England, claims that these digital advances are a way to enhance the overall experience, while simultaneously increasing revenue. Entertainment complexes continue to discover innovative and interactive methods to support their business endeavours.

Revolutionised Electronic Ticketing & Improved User Experience

With stadiums looking to increase ticket sales by catering to specific audiences, many have begun to offer seasonal passes which come with various advantages. Although some American venues have implemented advanced electronic ticketing, the tools are gradually making their way to the United Kingdom. Individuals who purchase a ticket through a mobile platform will be able to use their device as an interactive map throughout the day. Fans have the opportunity to make direct purchases from their phone, locate emergency exits, and order food directly to their seats. Harnick Kang (Harneck) claims that enhanced user experience, allows individuals to feel valued and as a result, they are more likely to attend the event.

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Harnick Kang — cost and convenience are major contributors to ticket purchase decisions.

Likewise, cost and convenience are major determining factors when considering ticket purchases. Many venues are now offering set ticket prices for a specific number of games if a ticket is bought online. Mobile applications are also using data to tailor deals to customer preferences and creating personalised offers. With many fans opting to view the game from the comfort of their own homes, stadium owners are looking to implement the latest technology to drive sales forward. Ultimately, interactive additions offer a new level of engagement and are the future of sporting events.

Biometric Surveillance & Increased Security

Stadium operators have also begun to rely on digital technology to enhance security. Many stadiums are beginning to take advantage of biometric surveillance which immediately detects potential threats to the venue. Upon entry into the stadium, the sophisticated technology uses facial recognition to identify individuals who are considered dangerous. Harnick Kang (Harneck) states that these improved security measures will lessen the fear of an attack before and after a match. Stadiums have also begun to utilize fingerprint recognition and radio frequency identification to minimize threats.

Harnick Kang is an avid sports fan and enjoys catching a weekend game of football. He states that with enhanced gameday experience and increased security, he is more inclined to leave the comfort of his home. With organizations hoping to maintain customer loyalty, technology has played a vital role in creating an amplified fan experience.

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