One Thing I Believe, One Thing I Know, One Thing I Doubt

I believe that you don’t need the approval of others to succeed. Personally, it took me a while to believe this idea. In middle school I cared so much about what my peers or anyone for that matter thought of me. If someone said I should do something I would do what they said because other people’s opinions mattered so much to me. But once high school rolled around I started to realize that other people’s perspectives and opinions are important, but like this quote says above “live your life and do what makes you happy.” Because if you are always looking for others praise and approval you will not be as happy as you could be if you just follow your heart and stay true to you.

Start Watching at 43:04 and stop watching at 43:28

I know that I go to Fridley High School. I know this because this video shows proof of me at Fridley High School Scholastic Awards Banquet last year in the auditorium. I also know this because I have been in the Fridley school district for all my life. I also have access to fridley’s parent portal which has my schedule for all my classes at Fridley and my high school transcript which states that I am enrolled in Fridley High School. My school email is and the Fridley independent school district is 14 which proves that I am a Fridley High School student. There are so many pieces of evidence that this statement is true so that is how I know this for a fact.

One thing I doubt is the conspiracy theory I read about in Time Magazine and it said that when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention first reported the HIV/AIDS epidemic in 1981 people came out with this theory that the deadly virus was created by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) to wipe out the Homosexuals and African Americans. I personally think that is very false because although there are people and sources that could make people think that this theory is true I think that it’s a very false claim because there is scientific evidence that the disease was transmitted through monkeys and humans sometime during the 1930’s. I admire people’s theoretical thinking that made them come up with these theories because they make people really critically think about what is really the truth but I just doubt this idea because science proves that it is just a rumor because they have done their research on this serious epidemic.

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