Best Flushing Toilet Reviews & How to Choose Them

Let’ face it; the toilet is one of the most critical items in our homes. Apart from the shape, size, color or cost, the most important considerations are how well they flush and how much water they conserve. The best flushing toilet will use less water and expend enough momentum to clear the bowl in a single flush.

Manufacturers are constantly streamlining toilet designs to reduce water consumption and improve the flushing technique. Here are some helpful hints to help you choose the best flushing toilet available.

1. Buy Quality

Your toilet is one of the most indispensable items in your home. It’s best to invest in a quality product from the start. While some brands may be cheaper and “look good,” the design and actual quality may be inferior.

A better choice would be a pressure- assisted or gravity model. They have larger flush valves and wider trap-ways to help control multiple flushes, staining, and clogging.

2. Shop Around

There are many makes and models of toilets on the market. Before you rush to flush, it’s best to shop around and make a more informed choice.

Do your research and to learn all you can before buying. Visit local showrooms and check online retailers for the best possible brands.

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3. Weigh its Worth

A good toilet is one that consistently flushes well. While features like custom seats and unconventional flushing systems may be attractive, they may prove problematic in the long run.

The best flushing toilet will have a straight, well-glazed trap-way that facilitates freer flushing and minimizes clogging.

It should have a trap-way of at least 2 inches wide and a flush valve of up to 3 inches that will release a larger rush of water when you flush.

3. Follow online Flush Ratings

Since your toilet is a long-term investment, a few moments of research will help you make the best decision possible.

Go online and search various independent reviews on a range of toilet models. Learn how well each model flushes and what unique features affect overall performance.

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4. Decide which Type of Toilet is best for you

Most plumbers purport that pressure-assist toilets save more water than gravity models. While they may give you a cleaner flush, they tend to be noisier and more expensive.

Replacement parts and repairs may be costly in the long run. Pressure-assist toilets come with a separate tank that retains water under pressure and releases water more rapidly for a cleaner flush.

5. Think Clean

Choose a toilet that’s easier to clean. The toilet can be one of the most challenging areas in the home to keep clean. Most households use the 2-piece model that can be hard to clean due to build-up over time.

Consider buying a one-piece or wall mounted model. They are more streamlined with fewer twists and turns that help make cleaning a breeze.

6. Consider Your Comfort

Like any other piece of household furniture, your toilet should be comfortable when you sit on it.

As you shop around, sit on the toilet in the same way you would test a new sofa or bed. It feels comfortable; you’re on the right track.

Taller toilet bowls may pose a problem for younger children. However, they are ideal for taller and older people who may have varying disabilities.

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7. Make the Most of Sales Rebates

During its life-span, your toilet will likely consume as much as 1/3 of your total household water use. The best flushing toilet will use at least 1.28 gallons per flush daily.This type of toilet is highly recognized and can save thousands of gallons of water each year.

Some companies offer rebates on water-saving toilets, and it augers well for you to capitalize on such concessions.

Check with your local utility company and keep up to date on professional test results to get the best deals.

Some top-performing brands may have issues with clogging or staining, so shop with care.

8. Check the Rough-In Distance

The distance between the wall and the center of the toilet flange is called the rough-in.

Take your measurements beforehand to ensure your toilet fits the rough –in space in your bathroom. The thickness of the baseboard will add a few inches to the rough-in.

The standard distance is about 12 inches, but some models range between 10 to 14 inches. It’s easier to buy a toilet that matches up with your existing rough-in measurements.

9. Bigger is not necessarily better

The best flushing toilet does not have to be the biggest one. Consider your bathroom space before buying a big bowl.

While a bigger bowl may be more comfortable, they take up extra space that may encroach on other bathroom furniture and accessories.

10. Consider a Dual-Flush Toilet

Some toilets come with a separate valve for flushing solid and liquid waste. They are capable of flushing up to 1.6 gallons of solids and 8 gallons of liquid. They use almost 25 percent less water than regular toilets.

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They come in pressure-assist and gravity models and are more expensive. Some models have limited colors, and the handles and flush buttons can be cumbersome.

Finally, if you follow the above tips before buying the best flushing toilet, you will be able to choose the best one for your needs.

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