Why going back to your passion might be the best decision you can make now

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There is no doubt about it, we are witnessing a significant part of history. I feel glad and relieved that I am still here ready to witness the end of the pandemic.

I feel comforted by the thought that I get to write again even when things are uncertain.

The thought of undetermined outcomes and where most of us will be in the edge of this crisis will force us to question our past decisions — and change them accordingly.

We all seem to be currently suspended in mid-air trying to make a sense out of our lives. Most of us suddenly realized that giving time to what we are passionate about is not impossible and might be profitable — if we give enough time and attention to it. …

Often, we get frustrated over not managing to make the most significant decisions in our lives because of the lingering fear that we might regret choosing the wrong one. That possibility of regret gives us terror, leading us to a far more dangerous path as we look for the answers somewhere else other than finding it within ourselves.

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We are used to looking for answers from our parents, bosses, and even strangers just to get an acknowledgment hoping that one of the decisions is better than the other. It has become a habit for all of us to look for validation based on others’ standards and understanding of what we do and think. …

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COVID-19 is an enemy that reaches everyone in the society and it is hard to ignore it. People are inside their homes and are keeping an eye on governments, companies, and personalities and how they react amid the crisis that leaves the world and every facet of the society petrified.

Our current generation and the upcoming generations are undoubtedly more concerned about brands as accountable entities with social responsibilities more than just being corporate identities. Today, we appreciate brands with progressive beliefs and mindsets that are geared towards social justice and the common good of the social facets around them.

Companies are boosting their efforts to focus on social responsibilities like protecting the environment, attempting to demolish poverty, and disagreeing with inequitable government campaigns, on local, or global levels. …

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There is no denying that emergencies are inevitable and it will impact you harder than expected if you get hit unprepared. About three days ago, I started having dry coughs and a headache. I cannot deny that it scared me to the point of panic. I started asking myself questions like how can I afford better health care, would there be someone to watch over me, what about our monthly bills in our newly acquired apartment, and how do we keep going with our rental business? All of these in the middle of a Pandemic.

Yesterday, I felt better enough to realize that my dry cough and headache was just a cause of a panic attack. I started thinking too much about the imminent nasty influence the pandemic can inflict on our lives. I started wondering, what are the things I could have done better? …

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COVID-19 or the coronavirus has us on our knees and businesses no matter how big or small, are now suffering the effects brought by the pandemic. Businesses around the world are closing their offices and transitioning towards remote work as a contingency for their employees to keep their business operational. It is safe to say that working from home is not a bad idea and it can change how we see work forever.

We are lucky if we work for companies that are concerned enough to figure out how we can work at home and still get paid. On the other hand, what if we weren’t blessed enough with benevolent and generous bosses? …


Harold Cacho

Filipino Blogger — Freelance travel and lifestyle writer. Inspired by personal development and entrepreneurship.

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