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There is politically correct and there is politically correct, dependent on what your politics are. Regardless of your perspective, it is still worth looking at the facts and telling the truth based on that kind of examination. On that basis, there is no factual evidence to support mini-Trump. What if, however, we change focus and, in place of “Syrian refugees”, we use the category of “gun owners.” Then the rest of mini-Trump’s tweet.would make perfect sense. But the “political correctness” of the American right does not and cannot allow such a discussion to take place, labeling even the tiniest step towards reasonable gun regulation and control as anti-freedom, anti-American, treasonous, etc. etc. Yes, there can be some problems with some of the extremes that take place under what is currently termed as politically correct, but those are resolvable problems and tend not to kill people. But there is a much older and much longer standing politically correct America, that harkens to the past “great” America Trump advocates restoring. That is the politically correct vision of an America that included slavery, Jim Crow, robber baron capitalism, anti-intellectualism, anti-unionism and anti-workers rights, child labour, disenfranchised women, environmental degradation, imperialist conquest and genocide of other peoples, sustaining anti-democratic dictatorships through much of the world, etc. etc. etc. So let us not delude ourselves, let us not let ourselves be drawn into a false narrative and overreaction to a falsely demonized modern political correctness that only tries to correct past wrongs, in order to be drawn back into that older “political correctness”, the restoration of which would put the existence of the entire human race at risk.

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