I think this law would apply to Trumps attorneys who were actually interfering with the recount…
Alicia Pearsall

Alicia, your response is typical of delusional Leftist misdirection. Trump’s lawyers were there DOING THEIR JOB. You DO know what a JOB is, don’t you? Let’s be real. This kangaroo court “recount” was a pitiful attempt by the losing side to overturn the results of the election. You remember…the one where a Criminal and a LIAR attempted to become President of the United States, and fortunately LOST? Yeah, that one. The JOB of the people assisting the recount was to assist, NOT document or photograph or anything else. Their goal was to further the UnAmerican, LEFTIST agenda of somehow winning the lost election for your idol the CRIMINAL.

If you want to live in a Socialist nation run by a CRIMINAL LIAR, there are a number of options, and we’ll take up a collection to buy your one-way ticket to the Gulag of your choice. But QUIT trying to bring our great nation down to that status.

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