I Deleted My Facebook Account and This is What I Found
Timothy R. Myers

Very good read. I got off too about a week ago. I was wasting WAY too much time on it. Sometimes I would be on it hours at a time reading comments, articles, watching stupid videos, catching up with people I had not been in touch with for 20 or 30 years. Not sure why as I did not have that close of a relationship back then so why would I want one now? Finally got tired of the fake news, the goody-good posts by some friends, the hateful attacks by others, and the overall stupidity of it all not to mention helping Zuckerberg pry into my life and make millions off of it. Some comments or stories would hang onto me for time than was necessary and I found myself planning comments and posts to stay in the game. One day it just hit me that this is ridiculous and that I was truly addicted to it for no other reason than FOMO. Finally pulled out the needle. I still have some withdrawal symptoms, but am trying very hard to stay away and remember why I left. Disconnected from twitter and LinkedIn for pretty much the same reasons. Too much wasted time.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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