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i love how they say “white nationalist” to try to make it sound like racial supremacy.. first of all a nationalist, is a patriot who puts the interest of their country (in this case the united states) and its people over the interests of the globalists.. basically mean theyd support fair trade and protected borders

the “white” part is added to make it sound inherently more racist because people, especially readers on a site like this, are programmed to associate white anything, with racism.. if we called obama a black globalist, no one would raise an eyebrow, but thinkregress said “white nationalist” so it must be worse

its all buzz words and a rather odd choice of words in order to rile up readers and further divide them on idiotic far left ideologies that the country has thoroughly rejected on every level of government, not because theyre racist or supremacists, simply because theyre sick and tired of the constant insults, divisiveness, and attacks coming from tripe filled rags like this one