Time to get real about terror
Brendan O'Neill

Tsk tsk Brendon, such a disingenuous take on the situation . But then again, thats the basic rhetoric and narrative coming out of mainstream controlled media in the west. It is a well known fact that true journalism and more especially investigative journalism in the mainstream media is heavily compromised because of politics. Its simply a matter of plodding on to earn a salary. Now with the advent of fake news , it has become more hilarious. Editors have no independence. For real news one has to rely on alternate media.

You are simply reinforcing the narrative of false flag operations. and you have shifted the focus of the western created and backed Isis mercenary group from the middle east where they face defeat in spite of your massive funding , to the west where you can enhance the islamophobic rhetoric and rule your people by fear. That too using deception and using your own people as collateral damage all in the interest of “ National Security”. another disingenuos newly invented term . No so called terrorist group has the ability financially or otherwise without the complicity of major powers and their sophisticated intelligence agencies. It is extremely difficult to nearly impossible to move funds around to fund such operations without complicity. It is equally difficult to acquire high powered weapons and explosives in said countries leave alone bringing it from outside. After all western governments have given themselves the power to snoop on their own citizens withou public approval . It is also ludicrous to assume that said “ terrorists” are so ill trained that they leave incriminating documents where they can be found so easily including computer evidence. How does one win hearts for a cause by heartless actions. So who benefits and who gains mileage by such incidents. Its Government who rule by fer and to further a global agenda.

So your piece is hilarious.But then you are part of the controlled media conglomerate controlled by zionists so you are actually powerless.

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