One of the common problems when people start lifting weights (or doing CrossFit) is that they inadvertently overdo it. Why don’t they stop when it hurts? Because everyone knows it’s supposed to hurt. Hypertrophy is the goal, so the pain is part of the deal… right?

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In an old interview on the rise of Twitter, Ev Williams said something really interesting: in pursuit of the fabled startup we’ve gotten so used to praising the entrepreneurial struggle, and so often repeat the myth of the starving entrepreneur, that people tolerate the pain of a bad/unviable idea longer than they should. …

(As non US citizens)

The recent discussions of US intelligence agencies intercepting people’s traffic have dominated headlines the world over. There was a fairly strong outcry in the US over “domestic spying”. The NSA (who are famously silent) proclaimed loudly that they rarely spy on US citizens without good cause (unless they were communicating with foreigners.)

Why did we twitch when President Obama told us that the NSA does not listen to calls of US citizens, and why did the NSA’s response cut so deeply or hurt so viscerally?

It hurt because although we hold passports from other countries, many years ago we also bought into the American dream. …


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