Harper’s eShop Picks (March 3, 2016)

Thanks to the graphical processing power of the Wii U, Link can now hold his sword in the canonically correct hand.

Each week the Nintendo eShop update brings a bunch of titles, and here are a handful that interest me this week.

Wii U

If you’re going to buy one Wii U game this week, it should probably be The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. I’m hoping that the Wii U port will help me finally finish the game. Though the original motion controls were very unique, I couldn’t feel comfortable using them. Each flick of the wrist sucked me out of the game and made me wish I’d kept my GameCube. Twilight Princess also lacked the charm and appeal of Wind Waker, which added on to the feeling that Twilight Princess wasn’t for me. Still, I’m hoping the advantages of a real controller and offscreen play will help me finish Twilight Princess for the first time. Griffin McElroy’s review had a interesting suggestion: play in Hero Mode.

Hero Mode forces you to thoughtfully utilize Link’s different offensive and defensive sword maneuvers to avoid taking damage carelessly. It makes you consider your healing potions and inventory before setting foot into new territories. It gives you a good reason to hunt down every Heart Piece you can get your hands on. It fits thematically, too: In Hero Mode, Twilight Princess HD can finally be as dangerous as it looks.

Hopefully Skyward Sword will get a HD port with a real controller too so I can finally finish that one. Twilight Princess HD comes out Friday at midnight and you can pre-load it from the eShop right now.

That classic Pac-Man gameplay we all remember.

Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures comes to the Wii U Virtual Console today. Normally I’d be excited about a new SNES release for the Virtual Console, but this game is very weird.


I’m still playing Fire Emblem Fates, but there are some other good deals in the 3DS eShop right now.

Some people say that Shadow the Hedgehog ruined Sonic. Those people weren’t paying attention.

The Game Gear Virtual Console game Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble is on sale for $2.99. The Sega Game Gear emulator on the 3DS lets you take advantage of the 3DS’ superior screen and processing power or to enable the blurring and restricted processing power. You can even change the model of Game Gear you’re playing on if you select the pixel perfect mode. Though there aren’t many Game Gear games worth checking out, the Game Gear emulator shows the promise that the Virtual Console could have with care and attention. I’ve played a bit of Triple Trouble, but I’m still much more familiar with the Archie Comics adaptation of it.

This, but with graph paper.

Charming dungeon mapping game Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan is on sale for $9.99. The Etrian Odyssey series is built around dungeon crawling while drawing your own maps on the touch screen, with systems that reward calculated decision making. The scarcity of resources makes every dungeon dive more of a gamble than grind and it can lead to some really tense and rich moments. I recommend reading Nobody Cares About It But It’s The Only Thing That Matters: Pacing And Level Design In JRPGs by Aevee Bee if you want to learn more about what makes Etrian Odyssey so good.


Mr. Owl, how many times will I rebuy these games?

Nintendo aired another Nintendo Direct earlier today and announced that Super Nintendo games are coming to the New Nintendo 3DS. Just last week I wrote that this would be an ideal inclusion, so I’m happy to see it available. Starting today you can buy Pilotwings, Super Mario World, and F-Zero for the New 3DS.

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