Harper’s Nintendo Weekly (March 24, 2016)

Covering eShop releases, worthwhile reads, and everything else interesting in the Nintendo space this week.

Hyrule Warriors on 3DS

It’s an unexpectedly big week for 3DS owners. Hyrule Warriors Legends comes out on Friday. You’ll need a New 3DS to play in 3D, but it works on all models otherwise and includes all the DLC from the Wii U version. I’m always afraid of the shallowness of hack-and-slash games and I hesitated on buying the Wii U version. A portable like the 3DS would probably be a better place for me to play a game like this. This port is also the first game to feature Linkle, a female Hylian who likes to wear green.

EarthBound on New 3DS

EarthBound comes to the New 3DS this week. If you’ve never played EarthBound, I imagine you’ve at least had it recommended to you by one of the game’s many fans. EarthBound is a bit like Rocky Horror Picture Show in that regard; you seem to only encounter devoted converts of it. I do think there’s a lot that makes EarthBound easy to recommend, especially on a portable system. Even today, EarthBound’s aesthetic is refreshing and unique in the JRPG space.

If you do check out EarthBound, check out the original player’s guide, which Nintendo made available for the Wii U re-release.

Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario Kart are also out today for the New 3DS.

eShop Sales

Capcom has a sale going on across all the major gaming stores, and that includes criminally underrated Resident Evil Revelations on Wii U ($9.99) and 3DS ($4.99). On the New 3DS, you can take advantage of the C-Stick to handle camera and aiming controls. If you don’t have the New 3DS, you can substitute a Circle Pad Pro. Revelations has some of the most impressive graphics on the 3DS system, but the controls can be a bit difficult to master without the extra analog stick.

Sega has their 3D Classics on sale for $3.99 each through April 4. Each 3D Classic is presented like an interactive museum honoring the original release. The features differ from game to game, but features range from using the 3D screen to pretend you’re playing on an arcade machine to allowing you to select which model of Sega Genesis’ sound you want to opting to hear the clicks of the joystick. The attention paid to every aspect of the games makes each game shine in a way that simple emulator ports can’t achieve. To learn more about the M2 and the Sega 3D Classic process, check out this post about Out Run on the Sega blog.

None of the games on sale are included in the upcoming SEGA 3D Classics Collection, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally buying duplicates:

Yoshi’s Story for Wii U

Note the lack of crying babies.

Nintendo of America hasn’t forgotten about the Wii U Virtual Console. Yoshi’s Story comes to the Wii U today. When it originally came out, it was judged fairly harshly in comparison to the SNES Yoshi’s Island. It’s a great deal simpler and probably more accessible as a result. Maybe those sound like negative traits, but Yoshi’s Island requires a level of dexterity and ability that’s beyond the wide audience Nintendo has always catered to.

Wii U in Production till March 2017 or Later

People who already own one are more concerned about this issue than people who don’t own one.

Yesterday a story from Japan’s Nikkei newspaper began to spread the rumor that Nintendo would be ending Wii U production in 2016. A day later, Nintendo stated that the Wii U will remain in production until at least March 2017. Longterm maintenance and the availability of components are important concerns for any gamer with an investment in a platform, so it’s good to see that the Wii U will continue to be produced for awhile longer.

Nintendo never released replacement GamePads outside of Japan and other Wii U accessories are already getting harder to find. If the Wii U will become scarcer, the next best solution would be for the upcoming “Nintendo NX” to support Wii and Wii U games in backwards compatibility. Either way, I’m considering buying a spare Wii U to future proof my collection.

NX Rumors

The New Bananarang?

There are a bunch of NX rumors going around and they’re probably all wrong or inaccurate. I will say that if the NX’s controller doesn’t have buttons on it I’m going to be really disappointed. It’s hard to imagine Nintendo would give up their d-pad tradition.

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