Bitcoin = Death Processors
Darin Stevenson

If we filter out blockchain misunderstanding, whatever remains is quite reasonable, if baroque in form, diatribe against capitalism. While not clearly explained, recurrent pattern is that miners are doing meaningless, artificially complicated work, (ab)using environmental resources, producing nothing of practical usability — only symbolic financial profit. I agree.
This is a definition of great majority of wage labour and business activity (especially in financial sector). This is capitalism in action.
The conventional metrics (measure) of profit, accepted either voluntarily or imposed through economic violence, encompasses all efforts of those, who keep capitalism on their backs. The holy grail, “passive income”, when one is paid for doing no work at all, is available for just a fraction of population. The rest is striving to do as little as possible for as big gain as they can get. Thus the rise of the machines, thus the shitty jobs, thus the supremacy of symbolic work: finances, marketing, entrepreneurship.
So, yes, I agree with this aspect of the article. Bitcoin is a pure, refined essence of capitalism, and as such it shows concentrated traits of it. Its geeky pedigree made it harder to spot at the beginning, but now it is clear and visible.

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