Really? And the span of years between the two statements is irrelevant?
Ender Wiggin

The span of years is clearly visible to anyone reading this article, as I’ve hot-linked every single quotation so that one can read it’s context. That’s far more than most journalists do — check the articles that have criticized Salon’s piece elsewhere.

Ultimately, I’m not sure why you’re so upset. I’m merely presenting Nickerson’s own words to the public. I leave for the reader to decide his intentions. For the record, in the wake of writing this piece, I’ve received much correspondence from pedophiles who argue that they should be able to act on their urges to have sex with children. Whether or not Todd Nickerson himself has changed his beliefs is largely irrelevant, as he is just one person in the entire MAP population: there is a large segment of this population that believes precisely what Nickerson himself once believed, and is pushing for the right to engage in sex with children. I think it’s good for the public to be aware of this ideology, as most are unaware.

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