Trump Says He Doesn’t Want Poor People Running His Economy, But Has 913 Other Jobs For Them
Allan Ishac

Allan, I forwarded your article to a friend, and Elmer just responded, “ I appwied!”
I want to be that wascally pwesident’s double
I wook wike him so fow me it’s no twouble
Wike him, I weaw my ties vewy low slung
Even Mewania won’t know, cause I’m not vewy well hung
My membew is sized to match equawwy small gwands
I guess that’s why God gave me vewy wittle hands
Note since my Bwazilian, I don’t have much haiw down thewe
Instead of wabbit on my head, my cowowed gingew hat won’t scawe
And I pwomise to be vewy, vewy good in the cwutch
I’m especiawwy good at acting totawwy out of touch!

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