My Prediction That Trump Will Resign By August 18th Has Been Revised To July 15th
Allan Ishac

Allan, I think there’s something much more serious than your missed prediction. What are you going to do after July 15? Bonnie Raitt suggests “Something to Talk About”:

Allan’s been writin’, writin’ ‘bout POTUS
He pulls no punches, he takes no prisoners
He thinks Trump’s crazy, obstructin’ justice
You can’t ignore it, his satire’s ragin’

We laugh just a little too loud
We follow a little too close
He says Trump is gone before long
And if that happens, what will become of Allan?

Trump gives him something to write about
But by July 15 Trump’s surely out
Need a new ass, lest a satire drought
How about Pence?

Allan, don’t keep us in susPence. Will you give us your 2 cents at the exPence of Mike Pence?

To be continued …

Original lyrics by songwriter Shirley Eikhard. Something to Talk About lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Shirley Eikhard Usa Music

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