It was Christmas 20 years ago. Today is Mother’s Day!


Her favorite Mother’s Day sentiments, a 1997 Christmas Poem. Same memories, familiar sentiment, a Mother's Day Poem.

As you reflect on your Mother’s Days past
 What touched you this year more than last?
 Was it the passing of a dear one?
 Rekindled friendship with a near one?
 A world event, a provocative scent
 What happened along life’s trail?
 Did you discover email?
 Kathy did!

Kathy, my partner in, and for, life
 Part-time assistant, full-time wife
 Found out email needs no stamps
 No more long-hand writing cramps
 She can reach you from anywhere
 Test her sweetness if you dare
 For you must respond and quickly
 Or her words become quite prickly
 She might even phone!

The ouch in Novembering and Decembering
 Is recognizing our once a year remembering
 We care and think of you much more
 Than you’d surmise if you’re keeping score
 Time gets away, that is our reason
 And though forgiveness is the season
 Remember: “Love” is spelled T-I-M-E

Learning from Sam who’s learning about choice
 He loves life, clear in action, not just voice
 Graduated college and into life
 Doing well, has a job, not much strife
 Best friend, Leslie, bird Otis, and the fish
 His household, feeling blessed, got his wish
 And we ours, raised a sensitive, caring man
 We love you, Sam
 Can we resolve to do more, all we can do
 Not for those you need, But for those who need you
 Unconditional love, it’s difficult at best
 When conditions and people so often test
 People who scowled, people who growled
 People who cheered, someone slightly weird
 People who wept, the innocent who slept
 Through it all

Jeff, not so innocent, and not yet well-grounded
 Figures the more majors tried, the more well-rounded
 Testing new theories, noting some previously sounded
 Better, when a freshman, but the beef has been pounded
 Into hamburger. (Now a Junior)
 He is quiet but thoughtful, a best friend who’s trusted
 Though he speeds in his Jetta, he’s not yet been busted
 When he calls home, never signs off without an “I love you”
 Jeff, we love you, too!

Do you find time for reflections?
 Do you offer the world sweet confections?
 Do you have to deal with rejections?
 Do you interpret these as inflections
 In your life and loved one’s directions?
 Always time for little attitudinal corrections!

With love and for fun, Harper offers this to you
 No preaching intended, just a chance to renew
 Acquaintances, with some facts and inner thought
 Still laughing of London, the trip that he bought 
 With oodles of money, to see England of old
 Course, in 25 years, the weather had not been so cold
 But the family was together, and adventures were bold
 And the job at HP was temporarily on hold

Happy Mother’s Day!