The Red Pom Hat on The Fearless Girl (and the Wall Street Bro)
Shannon Watts

Shannon, I so appreciate your article and the perspective you shared, and I’m so sorry you were prompted to write (at least in part) because of a moron’s thoughtless, heartless, clueless, and offensive act. I’m writing because I’m prompted to recognize you as a hero. I don’t know you but suspect this label may embarrass you. My 3-part definition (which you fit) is ….

… someone who courageously fights for a worthy cause and at some risk to herself and her family; a civil but forceful communicator who can channel her outrage persuasively, and a role model to her daughters, her teammates, and others who can easily align with her cause but will need her leadership to stand-up and speak-out.

We only just met through this Medium, but if someone asks me about Shannon, I’ll respond, “I’m with her!”

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