Trump is taking credit for jobs companies planned years in advance
Bryce Covert

Trump has never been the best source of information about Trump: his wealth, his accomplishments, the size of his crowds. Improving Trump’s credibility outside his base requires (among other things) not taking credit for things that didn’t happen, that happened before he was elected, or that he didn’t personally cause to happen — notably, job increases already announced.

There’s a reason Trump avoids interviews with anyone who will hold his feet to the fire. Because these claims don’t stand-up to scrutiny, they’ll continue to be delivered as White House monologues, interviews on Fox & Friends, or Sean Spicer press room diatribes. Trump may now be reconsidering the latter in the aftermath of Sean’s “Hitler didn’t use chemicals in the holocaust” claims — followed by his multiple attempts to clarify — followed by his apology tour.

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