The sky beyond the clouds

What is the sky like beyond the clouds? 
Is it blue, or does the grey go on forever? 
Surely this choking pillow that covers the earth can only be so dense, there must be some pocket of fresh blue air. Cold and exiciting. What it must be like to be up there and have it fill your lungs, light and carefree unlike this texturless, stiffling smog down here.

Down here and all the way up. Up to where the sky is fair and blue. You know I'm not even the first generation to not know what the sky used to look like. Not the second or the third either, it's been so many we stopped counting them. Along with the years, it gets hard to tell when it's the same harsh white light from dawn until dusk.

We the unlucky few going day by day, until we don't. There used to be so many of us. People.
Now all that's left in our wake, is our things. Our cars, our structures. Rusting amongst our dignity and our humanity.