I took a nap!! So what..

Rushing out to get on road this morning..my dear husband reminds me that I didn't take my cough syrup for the cold/cough I am fighting from more than a week now..

I run back and pour the 10 ml and gallop it down..

as I am closing the lid, I notice its the “Nighttime All Night Cough Relief”..Crap!! I took the wrong dose and I have a full day of work/meetings..

With my tea in one hand, I get in car, drive to school bus stop, drop my son and then drive to work.. I am still ok :).

As I open the laptop to start my day, I start to feel dizzy and I could tell that the cough syrup was doing what it was supposed to do.

Its 7:10 AM , not many people are in office. I pull the sofa pillows out to make room, close the office door, close the window blinds, put an alarm for 8:10 AM..and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Its 8:10 AM, I don't want to get up but I need to prep for my day of work.

I get a double shot latte from the café and I am all good to fulfill my personal and work responsibilities for the day.

As I reflect on my day today and my nap @work incident, as a busy working mom and wife. I had to remind myself that its OK. Life wanted me to pause today and I did.

Now that, I took the power nap, I am more productive and focused during the day, rather than feeling crappy and low all day..

Next time, I will be careful of the medicines I take but guess what if I have to take a nap, I WILL and IT IS OK :).


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