This hits deep!!

2 incidents, same story :).

I was waiting to be called by the agent at License office to take new photo and renew my driving license.

And the phone rang , not mine though, but a person who was sitting behind me who I didn't notice as I walked passed him.

He spoke in “Punjabi” which is also my native language. He kept talking (I could hear him and understood the whole story :)). Once he was out of that call, I looked back and smiled at him.

I said, “ I was wondering who was talking in Punjabi, looks like somebody from my home place”…(referring to Punjab, India)

He said, “ Yes, that's the great thing about us Sikhs, Khalsa gets recognized from far..”

Hmm..Khalsa..What's the definition of that. Oh boy!! That's a really hard conversation.

I looked at him, smiled a little more and left it at that.

Few mins later, couple of his friends came and asked if he was yet called for photograph to which he replied in negative. He was eventually called and I could see the agent asking him to either remove his cap or move it backwards.

He moved it backward.. and I am sitting here thinking, should I have said him something or not..

and then I hear , “ Kinna Jaloos hai, aaj taan pagg bann ni chahidi si”(what a shame, he should have wore his Turban today.) — one of his friend said to another and they giggled.

Once he was back, they said, “Lets go, Khalsa Ji!!” and I just couldn't stop smiling….I didn't say anything!!

Just other day, as I was getting out of a meeting at work. My phone rang.

One of my acquaintance called me and said that she was close by and wanted to swing by my office and introduce her brother to me, who is completing Masters in Computers soon and looking for a break in IT world . I told her that I am happy to help and connect to people.

As they arrived, she introduced her brother to me as “…..Singh” , I saw this early 20’s something boy with his beanie hat over his hair which he had tied in man bun...As soon as we shook hands, he looked at me and said “Wow” :).

I smiled during the whole next 30 mins conversation…

and guess what, I didn’t say anything again!!

As a Sikh who is trying to learn everyday and improve (I guess so :) and remembering my own journey....and as a Mother, this hits deep…how deep…hmm…


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