Why are we born? Why do we die? Explore some answers here…

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Those of you that know me or have read some of my resent work will know that my Dad passed away last year. A traumatic event like this really shakes you up and takes you down through the deepest forms of grief and then brings you back up to the surface with a new perspective on life…a real roller-coaster. With every experience we encounter in this world, we have the opportunity to learn and grow and rise to the next ‘level’ of this game of life…if we ‘choose’ to be open to the learnings, to let them in and to sit with them for a while and to see how they feel within us and if they resonate with the core fibers of who we are. If they do, we evolve to the next spiritual level, if they don’t, well, we shake it off and find something that does resonate and we continue to go through experiences that teach us what we need to learn.

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So, during my experiential roller-coaster, (which i’m still on and will always be on) I find myself trying to understand the reason as to why he was taken away from our existence when he was and how he was. Why he was taken away from my siblings, my mother, my children, my partner, his family, his friends…he was a different person to each and everyone of us. He meant something different to all of us. We all had a different experience and soul connection with him. Ultimately, I have come to terms with the idea that he had accomplished what he was here to accomplish, his soul wasn’t able to learn any more or evolve anymore in this lifetime, hence why he had to slip away when he did and also, because it gave birth to an awakening of some sort within every soul he left behind. My mothers soul, for example, has her own journey of self discovery ahead of her, hence why she is still here and in our existence. We have more to experience together and more learnings and ‘aha moments’ to go through. From an early age I realised that age is only a number, it is ego that creates difference between us. In actuality, we are all souls, housed temporarily within a Human body and other souls come into our existence to help us to evolve to a new level of being or existing. So, we can learn from those who are older than us, as well as those that are younger than us, we just need to be open to receiving those messages and learnings.

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I feel that this experience has forced me to face something that was once my biggest fear…death. But why are so many scared of it?

Its because it is an unknown phenomenon, no one can really know what ‘awaits’ us on the other side, but I guess, like anything else, it is what you believe that matters. I recall one of my spiritual guides stating that nothing has meaning unless you give it meaning. So, basically, death means what you want it to mean. If you want it to be the end, then that’s what it will be for your experience. If you want it to be a magical and peaceful passing to a better place, a place filled with light and love and where everything or every energy is eternal, then that is what it will be.

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I feel that I have come to terms with an understanding of death that resonates with my soul and helps me to find peace in the fact that my Dad is no longer in the physical form, but that his presence is around us and he is guiding us and that we will meet again someday in a physical form, perhaps still in this current lifetime. On one hand, I feel sad knowing that Dad’s soul will need to be reborn to evolve his soul further. I feel sad because it feels like such a waste to have to forget all that you have learnt in your past lives in order to be reborn in a new life and have to re-learn everything, however, I am aware that each new lifetime comes with new perspectives and experiences, so I am also excited for him, that he will be born into a new age, where life won’t necessarily look the way it does today. In writing this I am seeing new meaning in the phrase: “the children are our future”. In reality, we are shaping our own futures by creating a world where we would want to live. We will, one day get to experience the future that we are creating today, so, if ever there was a reason to take care of our world, our earth, our future, then that is a pretty big reason!!

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Although I have declared that I don’t want to be reborn, that I want to realise my ‘self’ in this lifetime, I don’t know if it will actually happen. I don’t know how many more layers there are to unravel or levels to reach in this game of life and evolvement of ones Soul, none of that is within my control, I cannot ‘remember’, as it were, where I came from, all I can do is be aware of the ‘truths’ that are coming into my consciousness and the awakening that I am experiencing. All I can do is be open to receiving and when a new ‘lesson’ dawns on me, I can embrace it, assimilate it and share it with my fellow souls, who ‘stumble’ across this article or any of my other work. The idea of learn, master and teach has been coming to me more and more lately. I’m trying to raise my sons with this concept, so they are aware that we are here to serve and that knowledge is here to be learned, mastered and taught, like energy, the flow needs to continue, that’s when we’re really contributing, that’s how we contribute to the world and we are all here to contribute. This is how we have an impact and leave a legacy. This…sharing of my soul…this is my legacy. The words I write will live forever, I may even read them again one day in the distant future and perhaps they remind me of the ‘Truth’.

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I believe there’s a reason that Dad passed when he did. I don’t believe that it was a coincidence. I often think about how life would have been if he were still here now, if he had experienced this life that we’re seeing today, that none of us could have predicted, although some, more evolved souls, had pre-warned about. Dad would have loved to be at home during this lockdown, he was such a homely man and family was everything to him. But he would have hated not being able to see his grandkids. He would have kept himself busy with jobs around the house and he would have made sure he had ‘earned’ his roti every day. This was the Dad we knew and loved, but unfortunately, the illness had stripped us off this man a long time before he left this world and it broke our hearts to see him suffer. The reality of the situation we’re in right now means that, had he survived this long, we may not have been able to be there at the end, like so many are experiencing at the moment. My heart goes out to all those that are living in grief at the moment…be gentle on your soul as it heals and grows through this experience. As hard as it may be to hear, this experience is here to teach you something. Go with the flow and try to tune into your heart a little more each day…it has secrets it wants to share with you…be open to hearing them.

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Here’s an interesting perspective on those that ‘choose’ to leave or exit the planet at this crucial time of the great awakening or just before it started…perhaps they have chosen to leave when they did so that they could assist the awakening on another level…perhaps they have another role to play to help us through this challenging time, but on a spiritual level. Perhaps they are going ahead of time so they can receive the souls that will exit this planet in the near future. I find it helps me to come to terms with and find peace with the passing of a Loved one to know there was a reason that they passed, to know that they had another ‘job’ to do elsewhere and that we are never truly separated, as we’re all one and the same…we are all part of the same existence. We are all born from the Divine Source and we shall all return to the Divine Source when this ‘game of life’ is up for this existence.

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I leave you with an extract from a talk between Darryl Anka, a channel for Bashar, and Alexis Brooks from Higher Journeys, where Darryl explains a little about our perspectives in this experience:

“All we can do is put out our perspective, share what we see that makes sense to us and as Bashar has often said, the only thing you can do is share options, share ideas, what somebody does with that information is none of our business because we don’t know their path, we don’t know what they need to know, we don’t know what they don’t need to know so the only way you can really be of assistance as an individual is to share a perspective, at least that way you give someone the option to consider it, to decide whether it’s something that’s true to them at that particular moment of their lives and then basically you have to let that go. We can’t insist or need someone else to believe us to change or do anything otherwise we’re just sort of adding to the negative energy that already exists in our planet where people think that others should believe as they do …this is just what individuals can do to help the total to help the whole. …is express themselves, express the truth that they are …again, doing their best to be clear within themselves that they’re not putting fear based ideas out there, that they’re not creating more anxiety, but just putting out options and opportunities and things to consider that work for us …those that use these principles, we know they can work for others but there’s no insistence that they must be adopted by others, otherwise we’re just being as negative as we’re saying other people are being.”

So, in conclusion, I believe that this is why we go through the cycle of births & deaths. We’re reborn and have to relearn things because, as we grow and acquire knowledge, …there’s only so much we can take in. Our behaviour, our patterns, our thoughts, everything is learnt. At some point we can’t learn any more in this life experience, by which time we have to be reborn and forget the past in order to learn new life experiences and new patterns, new behaviours, new thoughts. We have to start afresh, with a clean slate. Darryl Anka continues, “according to Einstein, you can’t solve a problem from the same level in which the problem was created, you have to go to a higher level of perception in order to even be capable of seeing a solution.” Sometimes that higher level of perception may be a new existence entirely.

Love & Peace Always


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