Blue Sky

My General Ideas

To start the idea generation process I used the method we used in class by doing fast sketches on post its and came up with quite a few ideas, some better than others. After that, I took a few of my favorite ideas and sketched them in my notebook.

New Warm-Up Game

My warm-up game is similar to word ball, but instead of associations the person chooses a word that starts with the next letter in the alphabet. The order that people take turns will be going clockwise in a circle instead of pointing to another person so that each person will get an equal amount of turns and equally warmed up.

Session Organization


I had five participants in my group. Ingrid Seivers, a senior at MCAD who studies graphic design and grew up in Wisconsin. Zach Jaramillo, a senior at the U who is majoring in Public Relations, grew up in Texas but went to college in Chicago for a few years before transferring to the U. Jessica Carns, is a junior at the U, who is studying Public Relations and grew up in Washington D.C. Emma Lehker, a sophomore at the U who is studying English, she grew up in Wisconsin, as well, but went to college at a small private school out east for a year before transferring to the U last spring. And Alex Richardson, who studies business at MCTC and grew up in Minnesota.


For my warmups, I started with word ball, first telling the group to do a round of words that are associated with one another. And then I had them do a round where they said words that are opposite. After that, I had them do the warmup that I created.


The setting I had the group use was the dining room in my house. We have a round table so everybody could see each other and easily communicate. The room also has a lot of empty wall space to put up ideas on.

Length of Time/Ideas Generated

I gave the group 20 minutes to do this activity and come up with ideas, it started out pretty slow. I brought up the idea of coming up with bad ideas and that seemed to help them get over the anxiety of coming up with ideas. The group came up with 26 ideas for this round.

Sorting and Voting

The process of the voting in sorting started with Zach sort of becoming the group leader and being starting a few categories that he thought seemed to work and then the rest of the group built upon those ideas and chose which items went into which group. The categories created were: Bad Ideas, Cookies/Crackers, Edible Products, Hard Candy, Gummies, and Fruit.

1st Session Top Ideas

Political Graham Crackers: Alex Richardson

State Shaped Crackers: Zach Jaramillo

Book Brownies: Emma Lehker

Puzzle Crackers: Jessica Carns

Gemstone Gummies: Zach Jaramillo

Oozy Organs: Zach Jaramillo

Creepy Critters: Emma Lehker

Princess Pops: Zach Jaramillo

Smartphone Pop Tarts: Alex Richardson

Edible Work Tools: Ingrid Seivers

How might we…

My problem statement that I chose to use is: International students want a snack that gives them nostalgia for being a kid and reminds them of their home in a new country.

I converted that problem statement into a “how might we statement” that relates to kids snacking by saying: How might we make kids feel at home in a new or unfamiliar place by snacking?

My HMW Ideas

2nd Session Results

I gave the group pizza and soda and let them relax and chat before continuing on to the next session. I then gave them the prompt, “How might we make kids feel at home in a new or unfamiliar place by snacking?” I gave them 25 minutes for this session and they came up with 26 ideas. They sorted these ideas into the categories: Meals, Drinks, Activities, Storage/Utensils, Messages, and Shapes.

2nd Session Top Ideas

Sugar Stamps: Alex Richardson

Craft Root Beer: Alex Richardson

State Pride Crackers: Zach Jaramillo

“Occupation” Themed Lunch Boxes: Zach Jaramillo

Inspirational Cookies: Emma Lehker

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