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Since the beginning of the Trumpreich’s Usurpation in January, the White House has constantly and zealously attempted to deny the Constitution, remove various laws and regulations protecting citizens and nation, mocked the values forged throughout the country, lied about history, reduce or curtail America’s present and future capacity to fulfill potential goals for the welfare of both citizens and globe. We may have anticipated this outcome before electing a racist homophobic sexually predatory misogynist who looks down on all but the wealthy, doesn’t accept any verifiable facts unless he likes them, seems to have an almost limitless store of malice and paranoia that fuels outbursts saturated with lies and/or the pursuit of petty personal vendettas.

In a potent escalation, we now see the great mass of the GOP abandon any pretense of adhering to their own commitments, discard any affiliation with empathy or a morality that values others, and abandon all principles other than pursuing power and accruing wealth. This means that caring about essential human rights are invalidated as a concern of government and America exists to satisfy the gluttonously insatiable greed of GOP and wealthy patrons to endlessly pursue unusable levels of wealth on a relative basis by depriving others ever more completely.

In doing so, they threaten both nation and planet on an existential level and they should be regarded as engaging in treason of the gravest kind and the tragedy they put us all at risk for is in need of resistance of the magnitude necessary to mitigate or eliminate the threat they pose to our survival.

They are disgusting and shameful in the extreme.

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