Here’s the deal.

I love movies. Obviously not a unique love, but still true. If the question is “whaddya wanna do?” my answer is usually “well, want to go to the movies?” I was raised on movie musicals, 1930s screwball comedies, and golden age Disney. The first movie I saw in theaters was Aladdin, and I can still recite the entire movie, because it’s freaking comedy gold and Robin Williams as the Genie is probably peak Robin Williams, which is really saying something, amirite?


As a #millennial, there are certain movies it is expected that I’ve seen, certain cultural touchstones from the late ’80s and ’90s that anyone now in their late 20s or early 30s can safely reference in conversation and know that everyone got the joke. I haven’t seen probably 90% of these movies. I mean, if you start singing the Jurassic Park theme song, I’ll be able to sing along — I wasn’t raised under a rock, I get the references — but I haven’t actually seen the movies. I didn’t see Titantic until I was 21! Most of my friends saw it when it came out, in the fourth effing grade! I was teased mercilessly for my ignorance, and so I turned it into a point of pride: no, I haven’t seen Titantic, why would I?! It’s so mainstream, whatever. When I finally saw it, I cried like a baby. The graphics were a little dated by that point, but what a movie!

This lack of movie knowledge is slowly killing my boyfriend.

Probably once a week, but at least twice a month, he brings up a reference or quote that I don’t understand, because I haven’t seen the movie. This used to elicit a huge reaction: “REALLY?! You haven’t seen X?! How did you get this far in life without that?!” but by now, after a few years of alarming movie ignorance, it’s more of a resigned “You haven’t seen this, have you? Oh, H.” To be fair, he worked in a video store during college summers and spent another summer watching actually every movie at his local Blockbuster (RIP), but that’s neither here nor there — I had some catching up to do.

For example, until recently, I had not seen:

Jurassic Park / Lost World
Ghostbusters i and II
The Shining
The Fly
Old School
Batman (Michael Keaton version)
Seven Samurai

That list is incomplete, but is a fair sampling of movies that I missed until age 28. So now, and for the past couple years, every time a missing movie gets me a “WHAAAT?!” reaction from D, I write down the title, and when we’re trying to decide what to watch on a Tuesday night (or Sunday morning, or really anytime), I suggest something off the list.

Slowly, slowly, we’re getting through it, and I’m gaining a whole new perspective on the movies that are ingrained in American pop culture. Most of the missing movies are from the 80s and 90s, but some of them (Seven Samurai, Old School) are not. I have HUGE deficiencies in the horror and action genres — I’ve never really loved either — but as I’ve watched more, I’m getting a better appreciation for both, and a thicker skin for horror (!!!)

So! Here we are. I figure, if I’m watching these movies for the first time a couple decades after everyone else, I might have a different perspective on them. At the very least it’ll be fun to review these classics, and keep track of this entertainment adventure that D and I are embarking on.

Hold on to your butts!

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