it’s now or never.

if you’re human, you’ll realise we need to save this planet before it’s too late.

leave the research to the experts and do what you can to help save this beautiful earth before our time is up.

we leave taps running, we rinse the shit out of things when they are going into the dishwasher moments later, we shower for hours to wash away our worries. we all do it, every single one of us. you’ve probably heard it all before and will brush it off because you’re doing your best. to save this earth. well, unfortunately it isn’t even close to enough. a small coastal suburb in your area, like Kilbirnie, could be washed away within a few years, not because of a tsunami, but more like global warming. sea levels are rising and we are losing an acre of forestry per second, yep that’s right an acre of forestry per second and we are ‘doing our best’. we can do more and we need to otherwise that will be the end of the human race. we will run out of water and all other natural resources within a matter of years, not hundreds, perhaps just fifty, twenty even. our generation will be heavily affected if we don’t change the way we live now. some people question having children purely because of the uncertainty of our future.

do you want to travel the world? see all those beautiful sights around the globe? do you want to have a family, grandchildren? do you want to have a glass of water when you feel like one?

this earth matters now. we only have one. we have to savour and care for this precious beauty. let’s not ruin it when we can still do so much to save it. it matters now and you need to help. everyone needs to save this planet now.