Assignment for prom dress App

Our app MVP is to have an onclick function on the “card” or image to make the image of the dress slide left or right off the screen. Click the right side of the image to move it right and left side to slide or move it left. we will do this by having 2 invisible divs on each half of the image div. This is to show which dresses are the most popular. The most popular dresses will be shown in a page showcasing them.

Our app is for people in high school who don’t like when they have a similar dress as someone. Gender: female, Age: 14–19, Generation: 2000’s.

We can test if our app is a viable solution to our target audience by letting our tester rest it and see if she (Madison) thinks that this would be a solution. This would work because madison is a female in the target age. The second way is for us to let people around the school test our app and get feedback on whether they think it is useful and a solution.

Tinder is an app where you can swipe right or left on images or people so you can see if they also swiped right on you. Our app is similar but it requires less user input. This app is a dating app and our app is just to see which prom dresses are most popular so girls can stay away from them. Alternative solutions to this prom dress problem is to make your own prom dress like our teacher did.

As a female in the age range of 14–19 I want to see which prom dresses are most popular so I stay away from wearing dresses like those. This is so that i will not be irritated at prom or my event and i can be happy with my unique dress that hopefully nobody at prom has.This app also has to be user friendly also known as colors and stuff.Main features we would like to achieve:

  • pie chart with dress that shows each type of dress and how popular they are
  • page that shows most popular dresses
  • links to places where you can get prom dresses (page)
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