Final Blog 5/19/17

The start of the year was horrendous for me as a web developer. Web development takes a lot of attention, I was not able to concentrate while playing football. I vow to never play again. I could not learn anything, resulting in me failing every assignment. I was really unfocused on school, because I was not strong enough to. When football ended at the end of second quarter, that’s when I had no worries. I could focus on completing every assignment like i did in the previous years. I was catching up with my work and I got an A for third quarter. fast forward to 4th quarter, I have not missed one assignment and I am laser focused on not only coding class but every class. I call this year of web development a success.

I didn’t know what to expect out of this class because the class was just labeled coding, not web development. I took this class because i thought i wanted to be an engineer, this class looks good to have on my transcript if I wanted to be an engineer. What i got out of this class was how to code my own website if i wanted to in the future. I met new awesome teachers, awesome teaches are rare if you ask Isaiah and i’m glad that this group of teachers, if not i probably would’ve shot myself. Most important of all, now I don’t freak out when I accidentally press inspect on a webpage.

Being a junior dev is awesome for me because I was accepted without a background check. They are willing to teach anyone that is willing to learn and being a jr dev is a step toward being god of web development.

I feel that coding is something i could get good at in the future when maybe i am i’m not playing choke sports. i feel like i could get good at it like a video game and research the hell out of it and make beast websites. Programming is fun and cool in general in my mind.

Once I leave this class I will probably not code again for a long time, If i broke my leg, I can picture myself trying to become a coding god. As long as my legs are intact however i will probably never code again. Not because I don’t want to, it’s because I feel like coding is one of those hobbies where I would need to spend a lot of time on to get skilled.

Advice I would give to upcoming students is to PAY ATTENTION. Get a good night’s rest cause if you don’t you’re screwed the rest of the quarter. It’s very fun if you pay attention. It’s hell if you miss a class. This advice is only for dumb people like me. It will also be very helpful if you research the crap out of what you just learned and practice at home. Down load sublime and terminal. Also secret branch.