Like And Not Like

Web development is an amazing thing to get into if you’re into computers and webpage like activity. I like that I can get better and better with practice like its a video game. I love that I can create any kind of website I want and make it look and perform how i want it to. I can also make games like the memory game we did. The best thing about web development for me is that the more time I put into it, the better it get and the better quality websites I can make. I wish I was passionate about this because I believe I could be very good at it. I say this because everything I am passionate about I can excel. I want to be a developing god but I don’t have the passion for it. I like the community that developers have. Everyone tries to help each other out. An example is devleague. They could be doing anything they wanted but they are at school 3 times a week teaching us students how to become better developers.

Web development is simply not for me right now. I am very much into sports. I played basketball, football, soccer, track, and cross country. I am more passionate about sports and money than I am web developing and coding. One of the things I don’t like about web developing is it is confusing. It is confusing for me because I suck at reading code simply because I haven’t put time in it. I don’t like that some projects we have to work in groups. I am a big fan of study groups but I hate working in groups. Which is probably why track is my favorite sport. I take that back. I like working in teams/groups but only when I get to pick them, which is very rare in the web development world I would think. The good out weigh the bad by far but something just doesn’t let me love web development.

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