Reflection Blog 5/5/17

  1. There were many times I had to ask for help in this class but recently i asked ms. christie for help with our slider function because it was only repeating the function once for the buttons. After we worked on the slider function for maybe 2 periods we got progress and we decided to ask her for help to get the function to repeat. It was impossible but she gave us advice to progress our slider function. With her help i believe our MVP (minimum viable product) with be complete very soon. That is an explanation of a time I asked for help while working on this project (prom dress app.
  2. An example of a difficult college i had to work with was Alex in my group. She decided to assign herself the story board in the beginning of the project outline and she failed to complete any of them. I decided to do them all myself and it turned out successful because now we have steroids. I communicated effectively by telling her that next time keep your commitments and i will finish the story boards. from that point on I made sure that she does not assign herself anything else for the rest of the project. I believe this was an effective way of communicating because now with me doing everything, we get a lot more stuff done faster and more efficient.
  3. One time I met a major conflict during the memories project. after 3 days of straight working on the project for 5 hours a day, I got barely anywhere. I Was fine with the flex box but i was struggling with finishing the Java Script. It was impossible for me to do it on my own. I later found out that Braden Amorozo was going through the same struggle as me. I invited him over to my house and we worked on it for over 20 hours on a course of a week and slowly we completed the MVP for the project about 2 weeks before the due date. It was well worth it because everyone in the class did not finish and me and braden did. We felt like gods.
  4. One situation where i did not communicate well was when we found out that alex and madison had not finished the css for our project. For about 2 weeks me and braden actually thought that they had finished it. We realized we had not communicated effectively and we had to solve that. So we got more strict and clear in our deadlines and alex and madison are now getting progress in the html and css of our app. Due to our bad communication we could not get our css done in the time we wanted but lucklily we fixed that and now we are good.
  5. An example where i made a process more efficient was when our group was not getting our story boards done in the time we wanted. I made the process of getting our story boards done quick by doing them all myself. This is much more efficient because i did them in less than 30 min while alex took 4 days to do nothing. This process got infinitely more efficient because i did it in a faster time and the teachers knew what was going on with our project finally. I think this was the appropriate decision because not only could the story boards get done in 30 min, but i could consult with the group later. They were fine with my work as predicted.
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