Research assignment for portfolio

The first online portfolio I found was made by a guy named Pedro Duarte. Firstly, just from looking at this page it looks very neat and the colors are very nice. the colors are black and yellow and the black lettering on the yellow background looks extra yoloswag. This page is also very easy to understand just by looking at it. I don’t have to investigate so much to know what is going on, it is very easy to understand.

Special user interactions are very smooth and clean on this webpage and it makes this guy look like a better coder than zak. For example when you hover over the side bar it smoothly shows a white bar coming from the bottom of each section. The soft white bar looks very clean and smooth on the black and yellow background. Other user interaction are hovering over lettering, the cursor changes. I am not sure if this is due to code or if its just a default.

The second page i found was from a guy named Ryan Micheal J. First glance at this website is does not look as clean as the first portfolio but it is still a very cool design. I love the design of the loading screen which is like a spinning star but not really a star. The background color is white and pretty much everything else is black. The main thing i like about this website is it is creative and you can tell the person who made this took a lot of time to make it a quality portfolio.

Cool user interactions are for example on the front page the same “star” in the loading screen appears larger on the page. when I hover my mouse over this how ever, black paint appears to splatter, coloring in the star. This is the coolest interaction i have seen on any website ever. Other cool interaction are when i hover over the picture, which is of and old man, the picture follows the mouse slightly and i find it also to be cool.

The last portfolio i researched is from a studio called drawing art. This portfolio is not as clean as the first portfolio in my opinion, however it includes a lot more features. The colors catch my eyes on this portfolio and you can tell that a lot of work was put into the making of this portfolio. I also like how everything is color coordinated but at the same time there is a million colors.

The most impressive user interaction the site has is when hovering over pictures, a pop up appears on the picture with the artists name or company that the picture belongs to. If i learned how to do that i would be pretty impressed with my self. Other user interactions include when hovering mouse over buttons it changes color so a soft skyish blue and it looks very nice on the whit background.

From the first website what inspired me was the black and yellow. seeing the colors together makes me want to do every future project i do in black and yellow. From the second portfolio i like the splatter effect and how it colored in the star and it looked really cool so i would want to put that in a future project also. lastly i would want every button pressable to change color slightly like the third website because its super yolo.

My portfolio i would definitely like to add the coloring in splatter effect because i would be a god if i did that. also like i said i would want every button pressable on my portfolio to be changing color because it looks fly a hell. I’m sure zak can teach me a couple things about what he found on his research assignment so i would want to steal some ideas from him also and put it in my blog.