I could just stare at you all day until you came I didn’t wanna change now you came & gave me a name there’s no life I’d have without you when I leave just know I’m thinking bout you & see you smile I just don’t know what to do . Unconditional love is what i have for you my heart melts when you shed a tear Its negative when your not near your my positive & my light you take me to greater heights.

It’s crazy how this world works, you may think your life is going right but in reality you just coast thru existing hopelessly , lost to the system, & most of all a slave , why look in the mirror and not see your reflection because the blindness of society has lead astray ....

This life i live is ridiculously unpredictable , my saviour is the only one who could possibly understand , I’m walking on this path alone drifting away with the wind , I never understood what life was until you came into my life I love my body and everything that comes with it but somethings just dont happen as their supposed to , i don’t think I’m built for this i have no support , sometimes i feel as if I’m meaningless and if i even matter , god helps every single day to keep me okay but things unravel & lead me away , all i can do is pray & ask for forgiveness , I forgive myself for making many misguided mistakes within my life I try to fight . Not once but twice ..3x I’ll try for my savior I’ll do anything he sets out for me.


You are something .

Society makes you feel like nothing.

Bring yourself up

Cause spirits will bring you down.

They expect a lot outta you .

Be who you are meant to be.

Irene harris

I just like writing ✍

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