Explore Various Albany GA Attractions

Albany, Georgia is situated in Dougherty County in Southwest Georgia. Albany is a commercial place for the pecan and nut cultivating. A genuinely hearty economy and the accessibility of services make this perfect, calm town quite liveable. Economic incentives, low cost, and a favorable area have made it a small production center, with Procter and Gamble, Miller Brewing and Merck among blue-chip managers.

Vicinity to the Gulf of Mexico influences the four-season climate. Summers are very warm and humid with the inland temperatures more extreme than those in the Florida Panhandle to the south. Afternoon thunderstorms are common, but periods of extended dry heat also occur. In winter the meeting of cool continental air and Gulf air often results in long periods of rain and cloudiness. Because of the flat terrain, local floods are possible. Although temperatures are usually mild, freezing occurs every winter. First freeze is early December, last is mid-February.

One of the reasons a number of celebrities love to serve Albany, GA is because there are so many Things To Do in Albany GA. When you plan a trip, you may want to skate at the Albany RiverSkate Park or walk along the trails of Tiff Park. Albany offers numerous outdoor activities of which you can partake, along with major attractions to visit.

Flint RiverQuarium

Flint RiverQuarium is located at 101 Pine Avenue, Albany, GA. At the Flint RiverQuarium, visitors can learn about various animals across the country. The Imagination Theatre showcases many 3-D nature films on a three-story high and four-story wide screen. The Flint RiverQuarium offers a variety of exhibitions, including the 22 foot deep, 175,000 gallon Blue Hole Spring. Guests can watch more than 120 types of turtles, fish, alligators and other animals in the spring.

Parks at Chehaw

Parks at Chehaw is situated at 1005 Chehaw Park Road, Albany GA. The Parks at Chehaw consists of exhibits with exotic and native animals. Explore the trails winding along the Muckalee Creek. View the habitats of squirrels, bobcats, alligators, birds and more wild animals. Children may enjoy time playing in the park by swinging, listening to music, having a picnic or climbing. Other attractions of interest include the 18-hole disc golf course, BMX bicycle track or camping.

RiverFront Park

RiverFront Park located on Front Street in Downtown Albany is an interactive park comprised of Turtle Grove Playground, Festival Springs Fountain, the Bridge House, Horace King Overlook and the River Walk. The six-acre park is spread out along the Flint River and has a beautiful lawn for family picnics and gatherings, music- and light-animated play fountain, pavilion areas. Visitors are able to visit the Albany Welcome Center located in the Historic Bridge House, stroll along the Riverwalk Greenway Trail or have fun in the Turtle Grove Play Park or Festival Springs Fountain.

Turtle Grove Play Park

An integral part of RiverFront Park, Turtle Grove Play Park is a community-built, child-oriented play park. The park is handicapped-accessible and features kid-friendly areas: Dino Dig, Tot Lot, Critters area, Big Kids area, Mosaic Tile area, Rock Climbing Wall, Musical Instruments and others. Turtle Grove Playground opens at first light in the mornings seven days a week, in this manner, the correct time of opening will fluctuate as the season changes. Park supporters are not allowed in the recreation center before sunrise unless generally affirmed for special occasions and permits. Turtle Grove Playground is shut at (sunset) dim in the nights seven days a week. So, the correct time of closure will fluctuate as the season changes. Park supporters are not allowed in the recreation center after (nightfall) dull.

Some more Albany GA Attractions are still pending. Get a complete information and plan a trip to this wonderful city.