Moving? Prepare for your Removalists in Melbourne

Moving home or office doesn’t just involve contacting and hiring a removalist company the day before you move and hoping everything will go to plan. Most likely it wont. Adequately preparing your home and furniture is essential, and so is informing your removalist company of few things in advance. John Ryan Removals are a leading removalists in Melbourne, with all the experience and know-how to help you prepare for your moving day. The team can help you move across town, across the Australia, or across the globe.

An efficient and smooth move requires attentive planning and preparation. There are a number of things that need to be considered and lose ends that need to be tied before moving day arrives. This includes things such as redirecting mail, sorting through items that are no longer needed, removing rubbish, switching off utilities at your current location and getting them set them up at your new premises.

When preparing for your the day you move, it’s a good idea to write a list of all the things you need to do before the removalist company arrives, and allocate a date for these items to be done.

6 weeks before your moving day:
- Determine your moving date and time.
- Decide what furniture you will take and what items you will remove, sell or donate.
- Call or contact selected removal services in Melbourne to get quotes.

2 weeks before your moving day:
- A good way to get rid of unwanted furniture is to hold a garage sale.
- Start using the food in your fridge and freezer to ensure it will be empty on moving day.
- If applicable, arrange care for your pets and children on moving day.
- Start packing smaller items such as books, toys, ornaments and so on into boxes.

1 week before your moving day:
- Contact your local post office and arrange for your mail to be redirected.
- Arrange for the electricity, gas, water and phone services at your new home or office to be connected. Similarly, arrange for it to be disconnected at your current location.
- Donate unsold items from your garage sale to a local charity shop, friends or family.
- Sent a list of any large, valuable or difficult furniture to your removalist company to ensure they come prepared.

The day before your moving day:
- Ensure you have the keys for your new home or the required access to your new office.
- Finalise the packing of all small items into boxes, leaving the larger items for the removalists.
- Contact your neighbours and inform them of the moving truck arrival time, to ensure there is room to park the truck.

Moving Day:
- Provide the removalists with guidance on where to park.
- Show the removalists the furniture that need to be disassembled, packed or requires special attention.
- Once items have been carried into the truck, do a final check to make sure everything has been packed- carefully check drawers, cupboards, garden sheds etc.
- Clear any remaining rubbish and take it with you.
- When you arrive at your new home or office, it’s time to start unpacking!

For more information or for a free quote, get in touch with the team at John Ryan Removals!