Triton Tuesday [Delayed] — [7/4/2018]

Welcome to the sixteenth Triton Tuesday, where the Triton Team provides development updates to our Crypto and eSports communities. Here’s what happened:

  • White Paper
  • Code Rebase to Monero
  • First Crypto Convention
  • Network Health
  • Statistics

White Paper

Our first version of our Whitepaper has been released here. We currently have bounties(500 TRIT) out for translations! Here are the current translations already taken: Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Chinese, Indonesian and Indian. We are open to any languages not already reserved!

Code Rebase to Monero

Krakn has gotten the new daemon to sync up and cli-wallets working. He is just getting the GUI wallet to compile and the new explorer up. After these are completed he will release a block height for everyone to upgrade by. We have decided not to change the hashing algorithm and will wait until September. Have any questions? Just ask an admin in our discord!

First Crypto Convention

Krakn will be at the Discover Blockchain Portland Convention on July 15th and represent the project at a crypto convention for the first time! We hope it is educational and fun while also providing an opportunity to talk about Triton to other crypto-enthusiasts. If you are attending please let us know!


As of 7/04/2018, the Triton blockchain had 117 miners on 10 active pools, and reached a block height of 53,479. Users have completed a total of 133,651 transactions, while miners have been rewarded with a total of 3.98M coins for their efforts, which brings the emission to 8.3% of the maximum supply.

TRIT trades on three exchanges and is at 199 satoshis.

Our Discord community is now up to 752 members, Telegram has 152 members, and our Twitter account is up to 365 followers!

The Triton Team is so thankful for how passionate our growing community is for this project. Our weeks just keep getting better. What’s going to happen next week?!

-Triton Team

Triton Project is a cryptocurrency focused on revolutionizing the eSports and online content streaming industries. You can contact the team fastest in Discord, and/or follow and message us on Twitter.