Keeping My Word to South Carolina

When I was a boy, my grandfather taught me, “Jaime, a man is only as good as his word.”

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My grandfather faced a lot of challenges in life, and he understood what it meant to have character. He understood that your word doesn’t just say a lot about you; it says everything about you.

I’ve been telling folks since we started: This election has never been about conservatives and liberals, or Democrats and Republicans, or whatever lines pundits try to draw in the sand between the hardworking people of South Carolina. This election has always been about what is right, and what is wrong. And on November 3, South Carolina has some questions to consider:

Should we re-elect a Senator who says he wants to expand healthcare coverage even though his healthcare plan would gut protections for people with preexisting conditions?

Do we continue to follow the leadership of a Senator who called the president a “race-baiting xenophobic religious bigot,”, and then argued that he should win the Nobel Peace Prize?

Do we have confidence in a Senator who has claimed to support a ban on drilling for oil off our coast, but gets political amnesia whenever he has a chance to do something about it?

Why should we believe anything from a politician who claimed to support 12 year term limits, but is currently spending his 25th year in Washington D.C.?

Trust is not a partisan issue. It’s an American ideal. It is something that you have to earn.

Reasonable people on both sides of the political spectrum can disagree about political issues, but there is something greater at play here. Because there are some issues that we can all agree on:

People are more important than politics.

Protecting people with preexisting conditions is more important than protecting personal power. Investing in the future of jobs in our state is more important than the future of any one man’s political career.

Lindsey Graham has not kept his word to the people who elected him to serve.

Now, I have a promise to make to the people of South Carolina: I will never, never, never lie to you. You may not agree with everything I say, but you will always know where I stand.

And if I ever break this promise to South Carolina?

You can use my words against me.

Written by

Former South Carolina US Senate candidate. Still fighting for working people.

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