In 1969, Senator Fritz Hollings travelled around South Carolina touring poor and under-resourced communities on what he called “The Poverty Tour.” I stumbled upon Senator Hollings’ book about the tour, The Case Against Hunger, when I was considering running for office, and was shocked by how urgent and current his words are.

In 2020, no child should go hungry, and yet, in South Carolina 1-in-5 children do. I was one of those hungry kids not so long ago, and I decided to run for Senate to fight for kids like me.

This month, we’re launching the Restoring Hope Tour. More than fifty years after Senator Hollings travelled the state, I’m holding listening sessions, town halls, community service events, and meals in communities small and large across South Carolina.

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We’re meeting folks where they’re at — talking to voters in underprivileged and under-resourced communities across the state about what’s on their minds and why this election is different.

I know South Carolina’s heard this before. There are people of all colors and creeds across our state who’ve lost faith in our political system. I know what it’s like to think the system has left you behind. No one helped my grandparents when a con man stole our house, or when I needed help paying for a plane ticket to get to college. But my community always had my back.

This campaign is about bringing hope back to South Carolina. In Senator Graham, we’ve had 25 years of a leader fighting for his own political relevance. He’s forgotten about South Carolina, and I promise, I never will.

It’s time to Restore Hope to folks all across this great state, and bring our communities together to fight for a better future for South Carolina and our country.

Click here for a continually updated roster of Restoring Hope Tour events and dates — I can’t wait to see you all there!

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Former South Carolina US Senate candidate. Still fighting for working people.

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