Why I’m Running for Senate.

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Growing up in Orangeburg, I didn’t know that I lived in the “corridor of shame.” I was the son of a single mom who learned to read from comic books. My grandparents helped raise me.

They didn’t have a lot, but my grandparents taught me the important stuff: that hard work and character, matter. When I got my acceptance (and scholarship) to college, it felt like a dream come true.

I headed off to Yale, and eventually Georgetown Law, but I never forgot where I came from. I came back to South Carolina to teach 9th grade social studies. Even after my time working for Congressman Clyburn, I went to the private sector fighting to bring good-paying jobs to South Carolina. But that wasn’t enough. The issues we face are serious, and I decided to serve as SCDP chair to bring change to our state.

Through all of that, I’ve fought for the people of South Carolina. The folks in this state have given me so much, I wanted to make sure I give just as much back to them.

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I’m running for the United States Senate because my story shouldn’t be unique.

The American Dream is alive and well for some, but not all Americans. Here in South Carolina, rural hospitals are closing, schools are underfunded, and our coasts are threatened by offshore drilling. We need a Senator who’s fighting to improve the lives of South Carolinians rather than focusing on interests in Washington D.C.

I’m running for Senate to fight for opportunity for all South Carolinians. I know that when your community needs help, political party affiliations don’t matter.

We’re going to do a lot of things differently on this campaign. We’re focusing on helping people before taking office through a one-of-its-kind program called “Harrison Helps.” In every county in South Carolina, we will work with community organizations to empower, train, and help those in need. We’re going to inspire a movement to bring hope back to those in South Carolina who have lost faith in politics. And, we’re going to do all of this together.

Join me, join our movement to bring hope back to South Carolina!

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Former South Carolina US Senate candidate. Still fighting for working people.

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