What’s Next, Vice President Biden?

The living legend has many paths he can go down…

Whether someone is Republican or Democrat, there’s one thing we can all agree on: We all love you, Joe Biden.

Seriously, you have the perfect balance of charm, intellect, and childish humor. While you will be greatly missed as Vice President, I for one am ecstatic to see what you’re going to do once you leave the White House. The possibilities are endless….

1. Become The Batman

If there were ever a time we needed a real life Batman, it’s now. With all the divide and chaos going on in America, a hero must rise — not one we deserve, but the one we need. Who better to take on this role than you: the man/myth/legend that is Joe Biden? As an ex VP, you can get all the utilities you need at your disposal easily, you’ll have enough free time, and I’m sure you have an unquenchable thirst for justice.

2. Open a chain of ice cream trucks

We all know you love ice cream more than anyone loves anything. If someone doesn’t know that then they aren’t watching enough news. Your passion for frozen dairy burns like a thousand suns. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if you decided to start your own ice cream truck company. Why trucks instead of stores? Because that’s just your style — a simple guy, with simple happy dreams. I imagine you could name the chain ‘Joe’s Cones’ …?

3. Become a professional bodybuilder

Vice President’s have insanely busy schedules, and probably don’t have time to make it to the gym. The fact you are in good shape already is remarkable, especially since you don’t have time to work out and all you eats is ice cream. You must have the metabolism of the Gods. When you’re no longer VP, you’ll have all the time in the world to dedicate the next few years of your life to fitness and proper eating. Imagine how ripped you could become! You could even stare in Expendables 4! Just an idea…

4. Start a line of bracelets

Yes, this is real. You have touched our hearts once again — not only with your love for your friends, but your expert craft in making bracelets. With your work ethic, experience and celebrity status, you could easily turn selling a few bracelets into a corporate empire. ‘Biden Bracelets’ will be the next Apple… mark my words!

We will miss you dearly, Joe. However we know this is not the end of your story! You’re high energy and creativity will lead you to success in any path you go down. I hope these ideas give you some inspiration, especially The Batman one… please be Batman!

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