Because everyone forgets sometimes and that's ok.

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Lately, I have been working with an AWS EC2 server for a machine learning project. Every article I have come across has said the same thing… “Don't forget to shutdown your EC2 instance”. Reading this gives me anxiety. Just the thought of leaving a GPU on to burn a hole in my pocket makes me irrationally sweaty.

So I decided to make a Bash script to spin up a server, SSH in so I can work on my project, then shut down the server when I log out.

Advice on how to be more consistent in your educational journey.

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Over the last few weeks, I’ve taken a break from writing to focus on applying to internships. But as I was driving to class today, a question began to bother me.

With all the resources available to us on the internet, why is it so hard to hold on to our motivation to learn data science?

Over the last year, I’ve had to work very hard to maintain my motivation to learn data science. …

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This image is from Ridley Scott’s Gladiator. Because writing on Medium makes you feel like Maximus.

This article is for the writers of Medium. If you have ever been frustrated with the response your stories get, this article can help you.

My name is Harrison Jansma, and I write about data. Over the last few weeks, I collected and analyzed the claps of a million Medium stories. So I could answer the question that bothers me most as a writer on Medium. Namely,

How do my stories compare to those of similar writers on Medium?

Though I am a writer, I am not a particularly creative one. To cope, I have to motivate my writing through competition. Making goals for myself based on either the performance of my past stories, or the performance of stories in my news-feed. …

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Over the last year, I taught myself data science. I learned from hundreds of online resources and studied 6–8 hours every day. All while working for minimum wage at a day-care.

My goal was to start a career I was passionate about, despite my lack of funds.

Because of this choice I have accomplished a lot over the last few months. I published my own website, was posted in a major online data science publication, and was given scholarships to a competitive computer science graduate program.

In the following article, I give guidelines and advice so you can make your own data science curriculum. I hope to give others the tools to begin their own educational journey. So they can begin to work towards a more passionate career in data science. …


Harrison Jansma

Coder, analyst, and “human”. (

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