Responding to “Bicentennial Man”
Lori Ramey

While reading this story I couldn’t help thinking about the movie I, Robot. In this film there is a unique robot who thinks differently, and wishes to become as human as possible. In “Bicentennial Man” Andrew strives to act as human as possible. Starting small by wearing clothes, and eventually transplant his “brain” into an android body, which is an organic suit. If robots ever become a reality, I believe society would react similarly to the people in this story. Robots would either be treated as slaves or to humiliate themselves for human amusment. However, robotics could also generate boundless oppurtunities for numerous fields of study. For example, the story mentions robots being used on off world factories. This idea stood out to me the most because having robots as outer space explorers would revolutionize space exploration. Furthermore, these robots could survive the harsh conditions without food, contact, and air. In conclusion, I realized the numerous ways robots could be utilized in this fiction world.