Dead Battery

I’d like to share a short story about my night out last night. It represents my need for a new phone and perhaps a portable charger.

I had work until 10PM and before this time my friends had been drinking at the Mountain Goat Brewery. I really wanted to go despite working because a) the brewery sounds cool and b) a friend had just returned that day after a year abroad.

So anyway, I finished work with no problems. In fact, it was an incredibly quiet shift. Maybe this was because it was one of the coldest June nights in Melbourne on record. I even had time to eat a quarter chicken and chips meal.

So I left work, got in my car and started driving, from Bentleigh all the way to East Richmond. This is not a close trip as you can tell from the Google maps route.

After getting about three quarters of the way there and driving on the toll part of the Monash freeway, I pulled over in a side street. I needed to recheck my directions as I’d never been to the brewery before. I also wasn’t too familiar with this particular area.

So I pulled out my banged up iPhone 4s and opened maps.

Suddenly, in one foul swoop, my phone went from 40% battery all the way down to zero. This had happened before but never in such an integral moment. My heart sank as I saw the little white loading symbol and then blackness.

I said the F work loudly.

Pretty much I had no idea where the brewery was from this random side street and I had no way of telling my friends I was lost. I also had no car phone charger which in hindsight was the biggest error of all.

I had no other option other than to drive home and pray that I didn’t have car troubles. It was a big waste of fuel and time. I was pissed off.

I guess worse things can happen.

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