Sweaty Mistakes

In the second week of being in Minneapolis I met this girl at a party and we’ve kind of become good friends since then. At least I think we have.

The problem is that we really don’t communicate well with each other. She wants to message via Snapchat but this really frustrates me. I hate using the chat interface. She also doesn’t respond back to some of my iMessages for long periods of time. When we hang out it’s cool but it’s so annoying when I send a text and get nothing back for three hours.

There was even one occasion when we were meant to meet at her apartment. We were messaging back and forth and my final message was something like:

Ok I’ll be there in 15 minutes

So I got into an Uber and went to her place. I called her when I was at the front door to get let in but there was no answer. I waited. About 5 minutes passed so I called her again. Still no answer. I ended waiting in the cold for about half an hour because she had her phone on do not disturb. Who does that when you’re talking to someone and you know that they might be coming over.

I ended up moving past this experience and not holding a grudge over it. It’s my belief that it’s better to be chill about stuff than get into fights. Fights never resolve anything.

No stress

We ended up organizing to have lunch together at this cool place downtown called Skyway Wok. I was conscious of being out for too long so I got an Uber there. I arrived at the location and gave her a call because I couldn’t work out how to get up into the skyway. It turned out that she was at another Skyway Wok in a different part of downtown. I would have been late for a one o’clock meeting if I had of gone to this other location, so we couldn’t have lunch together. Again we stuffed up our communication.

The strange thing is I looked up Skyway Wok and this is definitely the only one in town. Unless the internet has got it very wrong, or Google Maps is not updated. I find this unlikely. I don’t think that she’s trying to hurt me; its probably just an honest mistake on her behalf. But damn two shitty things to happen in a row with her is not a good omen.

Skyway Wok was delicious regardless so that at least made the trip worth it. I was still a little grumpy about the money I’d spent to get there so I decided I wouldn’t Uber back. The walk was only like 20 minutes so I would make it just in time for the meeting. Unfortunately, I got lost trying to leave the skyway as I tried to be clever and not exit at the place I’d entered. I somehow ended up at the top floor of a hotel after getting in a lift and wanting to go to the ground floor. This meant that once I was back at street level I was running quite late for my meeting.

I had to slow jog all the way back to the office which on a warmish day is not ideal in jeans and a shirt. I thought I was fine when I got into the meeting room on time because I wasn’t out of breath. Then the sweat started dripping from my forehead. It was full on perspiration that my colleagues certainly didn’t want sitting next to them in quite a small space. I felt gross and really unprofessional. Considering I’m already 6 weeks into a 12 week internship its not the end of the world but looking back now I’m such an idiot.

I had to leave the meeting room and cool down at my desk. I eventually went back in 20 minutes later with my tail between my legs. Thankfully I didn’t feel any distain or judgement which shows the good character of the people I work with. They are Minnesota nice.

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