Its All In Your Head

So… My name is Harrison Akadidi, Im not a writer or even an aspiring writer, I just love to share my thoughts; every once in a while!

Yea! I know what that sounds like… lol

So lets get right to it… The mind is a powerful computer, it has a memory space of over 1 terabyte and every information is like a software being installed to play a part in our mind, which also affects our lives.

Time to invest in the right information

Society started by teaching us; a successful & good citizen was someone with a good education and a good job. Eventually universities designed our lives; on how to fit-in (to specialize) and prepares us in getting a good job.

you see; with most people being thought to specialize, to follow orders, to conform, to fit in and to get a good job with a good salary; we’ve created a monster when it comes to letting people start their own businesses.

we’ve been taught to do the opposite of thinking for ourselves, to opposite of acquiring wealth.

While i am writing this for entrepreneurs, I would try to ensure my message is clearer to non-entrepreneurs.

The Nigerian University system still offers courses that are of no use in the 21st Century. Allowing millions of Nigerian youth to waste 4 years of their lives studying the wrong courses (That ought to have been extinct by now).

Its like the system is designed to produce average people, less millionaires, almost no billionaires and the sad part is… The economy desperately needs people who aren’t raised by the school system but may or may-not have passed through the #BrokedEducational system.

People with imaginations! the stubborn ones who didn’t let education kill their dreams. These are the top 1% of the richest people on the planet. The ones who didn’t play it safe.


A decision to see the world differently starts with your mind; having to see a larger world, filled with endless possibilities.

This is the trick, Just like a computer, you can uninstall the ideas that communicates limitations and the word impossible from your mind. Then start building a life.

Unplug from the limitations… you can

Choose to be one of the most successful people you know, and re-choose it every single hour of every single day for the rest of your life.


Harrison Akadidi — Captain Nigeria.