Gun Control and the Mentally Ill

I’ve really been doing a lot of research on the gun control lately. What I’ve realized is that support for both sides is pretty even and so it probably won’t change any time soon. But there is a sub category with gun control regarding the mentally ill, and the question is: What impact do the mentally ill have on gun violence in America? One side of the argument I’ve seen is that the main problem solver for gun control is taking away guns from people who are mentally ill, claiming that all these mass shootings are the product of illnesses such as schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder. The counter for that is to say that there is no connection to the mentally ill and the mass shootings that have been happening, and that all the claims that the shooters had poor mental health are made up. I don’t really agree with either of these points fully. I think it would be oblivious to think there is no connection. On the other hand I don’t think it is the root of the problem, or the reason for mass shootings. Claiming it is a major factor with gun violence really puts a bad rap and stigma on the mentally ill. We should do more to help those with poor mental health, rather than paint them all as nut job terrorist shooters. By actually helping them instead of focusing on the gun control issue, we will actually help to solve the problem of possible crazy shooters in the future by truly understanding these people. I think it is prejudiced and bigoted to assume all people that suffer from these mental illnesses are going to snap. It’s just like assuming everyone from the middle east is secretly a terrorist who is planning to bomb something. It’s not right. Again, I do think there is a connection though.