Timothy’s Voice

A note I wrote to my friend Beryl about the extraordinary discovery of a world class tenor, working in a post office in a remote village in Wales in which I lived for five years…. More can be found in my story, Bendithion, published by AGNI (with a cd of Timothy Evans’ songs) and The Pushcart Press. http://www.bu.edu/agni/essays/print/2007/66-solow.html


Dear Beryl,

I have now come to a new level of aesthetic awareness and meditative powers. I don’t need the cd anymore. Having listened to it almost non-stop for weeks, I no longer have to take the cd and my portable player anywhere. It is all in my head. I walk around in (but not of) this world with that voice and that music playing — or rather existing as part of my subconscious. Sometimes I recall it to the front of my mind for pleasure but most of the time it is just there and I am hearing it whether I am listening or not.

This is a lovely thing though it sounds insane — it is the way one prays really and it is the way in which one studies a book, especially a holy book or a philosophical concept or a work of art. I have always learned this way — have always absorbed truth and therefore beauty by immersion.

When I was re-writing the book on Vermeer, I spent so much time looking at The Girl with the Pearl Earring that after awhile it took up residence behind my eyes rather than in front of them and I would see the rest of the world through that canvas. It is the same with Timothy’s voice. I hear the rest of the world through Dim Ond un Gair [Just One Word, the title of the cd] and although it sounds ironic it is actually very appropriate. Vermeer changed the way I look at art forever and Timothy has changed the way I hear music forever.

So there we are. I have become a walking cd. This is the way I live my life — becoming the Other — and re-becoming me.

I think if my religion could be described as anything, it could be described as that — an undulating process of “I -Thou” as Martin Buber said. Anyway, that’s my Timothy-update

Just fyi.



If you would like to hear this voice, it is here: https://soundcloud.com/harrison-solow/06-pokarekare-1

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