A JAWS story

In deep ocean water when fear kicks in because an unexpected wave twists on your foot and your heart skips a beat. You start to speed up your treading but that only makes it worse, for a minute you look into the water, but not being able to see past your own knee’s you thrash even harder panicked while your thoughts race faster than your heart can beat. “Fuck, I’m prey in the ocean, in over my head.” …

Henry Charles Bukowski Jr. Is a good Writer, there we said it, there is no going back.

Very few contemporary writers hold the cult status that Bukowski does. And almost none found notoriety in their late fifties.

A cynic to say the least, but cynism earned through being beaten down by the trials and tribulations of blue-collar life, two wives and an endless burden of having to spew himself onto a page for a moment of clear mindedness.

The gift of writing didn’t come to Bukowski like you would think from reading his poetry, rather he worked at it every day, until it felt just right, just right enough to push on to the keys of a…

A Cult Classic Cocktail

The White Russian, although lacking complexity is actually a damn good cocktail.

Since its conception in 1949 Belgium, (Yes, it’s not from Russia) the concoction has been a favourite to all class of citizen, Queens, Dukes, Ambassadors and Jeff Bridges.

The White Russian itself is an incredibly simple make:

  • 1oz Kahlua
  • 2oz Vodka (Smirnoff is fine)
  • 1oz Milk, Heavy cream, or Half and half

Don’t let the milk fool you, this is not a drink for children

Its birth might’ve been 49’ but its popularity didn’t rise till the mid-seventies during the disco-cocktail era alongside others like the Brandy Alexander…

Unless you spent time in Seattle during the late 80’s or early 90’s you’d find it hard to believe how intertwined a scene so incredibly influential could be. But before Grunge swept the nation with heavy riffs and lyrical sonnets of poetic dread, existentialism and rebellion the classic rock of the 70’s and 80’s had to be put to rest. Unfortunately, they died with Andy Wood

Andy Wood is yet to become a household name and likely never will, yet Andy Wood and his second band ‘Mother Love Bone’ shaped the world of rock and roll during the ninites and…

A Great Hope

A young man leaps into Hollywood’s greatest challenge Writing, Directing, and Producing a piece of cinema that is instantly burned in the collective brains of moviegoers as the greatest film to come across the screen since ‘Singing in the Rain’ (1952), The Godfather (1972).

Sure, he’s made films before, good ones even, but nothing like this, no Movie yet has been like this. It’s an inspiration, a slow-moving, suspenseful family drama about disfunction, loyalty and crime. …

Harrison Stuart

Writer, Creator, Builder, Blogger, Bartender.

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