Living in the Maze

and why I love it

It’s crazy I left the my cushy life, my family, and my dog and moved to the spiritual land of Israel. I have been here before on trips but now that I am living mostly on my own I finally get to experience the maze of Jerusalem.

Let me first start off the I was raised with some jewish values and went to hebrew school for six years, had a Bar-Mitzvah and always felt a strong connection to Judaism. So, a month ago I set forth to study Torah and Jewish values at Aish HaTorah in the Old City of Jerusalem directly across the Western Wall Plaza. The beauty of this program is how I am able to roam and go where I please. As everyone in America christmas time is crazy in the malls. Let me just tell you about a little thing called Mahane Yehuda, the Jewish Market, also called the Shuk normally walking through the masses is fairly easy much like the weeks before christmas. But every Friday in the hours before Shabbat it is a mad house. Shop keepers yelling “BANANAS BANANAS 10₪” in your ear when you just told them you want some almonds.

One my favorite things to do while in the shut is to just sit at one of the café that are inside the shuk and watch 1000's of people rush by as they try to get shabbat ready since it falls so early in the winter.

One of the greatest things about living in the Old City is how full of life it is. Several times since I have been here there have been some attack of someone and violence much like back in New York. But that never stops every Shabbat people flocking to the Rova in the center of the Jewish Quater and having a small party. Every Shabbat I have been getting invited into some stranger’s home and by the end of the night I am part of their family. It is an unusual feeling but it feel like home.