How CEDP Can Spread the Word

San Antonio Express-News

In my last post, I highlighted the importance of social media in today’s day and age. When checking the organization’s Facebook and Twitter pages, it became extremely apparent that Campaign to End the Death Penalty had not gotten the memo about switching over to the digital age. If they won’t make this adaption, what else can they do to gain a following? There are several things, but primarily they need to make their name present in the media — by creating newsworthy events or gossip.

CEDP has headquarters in several major cities of this country: Austin, Chicago, NYC, etc. When a newsworthy event regarding the death penalty occurs, they must mobilize. For example, when Arkansas decided they wanted to execute 10 inmates in 8 days because their lethal injections were set to expire at the end of the month, CEDP should have been there in protest. Now, it is certainly hard to drop everything and mobilize to Arkansas. I understand this. But if you’re not going to establish a presence in the social media on your own, you must find a way to establish one in the traditional media — news, journalism, etc. By doing so, CEDP would at least have some sort of presence in the media landscape.

Sure, it would be much easier for CEDP to build a following through digital means. However some organizations do not like taking the easy route. If CEDP were active on social media, they could be involved in many more relevant events correlating to the death penalty. Instead, they have chosen the route that forces them to physical be seen in order to be heard. Until the CEDP mobilizes on social platforms, they will continue to find it difficult to earn some recognition. If they don’t recognize this soon, their organization may be in trouble. The more they wait, the more potential followers they miss out on.